NEBV-A1W3-K-0.6-N-LE3 (3579466) Connecting line NEBV-A1W3-K-0.6-N-LE3 (3579466) Connecting line

تصویر NEBV-A1W3-K-0.6-N-LE3 (3579466) Connecting line
وضعیت کالا:
موجودی نامشخص: موجودی یا سفارشگذاری این کالا، پس از افزودن به سبد خرید و تایید آن، مشخص می شود.
اشتراک گذاری
Permission c CSA us (OL)
Line designation Without sign holder
Product weight [g] 80
Electrical connection 1, function Field device screen
Electrical connection 1, design Angular
Electrical connection 1, connection type socket / container / ….
Electrical connection 1, cable output Angled
Electrical connection 1, connection technology Wiring diagram shape A based on EN 175301-803
Electrical connection 1, number of pins / wires 4
Electrical connection 1, occupied pin / wire 4
Electrical connection 1, fastening type on solenoid valve with central screw M3
Electrical connection 2, function Control screen
Electrical connection 2, connection type cable
Electrical connection 2, connection technology Open end
Electrical connection 2, number of pins / wires 3
Electrical connection 2, occupied pin / wire 3
Operating voltage range DC [V] 0 to 230
Nominal operating voltage DC [V] 230
Operating voltage range AC [V] 0 to 230
Nominal operating voltage AC [V] 230
Current carrying capacity at 40°C [A] 10
Surge voltage strength [kV] 4,0
Protection line connection Available
Cable length [MTR] 0,6
Line properties Standard
Test conditions line Test conditions on request
Cable diameter [mm] 5,9
Tolerance cable diameter ± 0,3 mm
Cable set up 3x0,75
Protection category IP67
Information about protection category In mounted condition
ambient temperature [°C] -25 to 80
Ambient temperature for moving cable placements [°C] -25 to 80
CE certificate (see declaration of conformity) to EU low voltage directive
Material information LABS containing materials included
Degree of contamination 3
Corrosion resistant class KBK 2 - moderate corrosion stress
Cable sleeve material TPE-U(PUR)
Cable shield colour #C6C6C6
Housing material TPE-U(PUR)
Housing colour #000000
Insulation sleeve material PP
Weight 80 g / Pcs
Customs duty number 85444290
RoHS compliant Yes
Manufacturer Festo
Document Group data sheet: NEBV-A1W3 (english)
Document Data sheet
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