PAML-MK-186-HP3 (1629377) Module connectr PAML-MK-186-HP3 (1629377) Module connectr

تصویر PAML-MK-186-HP3 (1629377) Module connectr
وضعیت کالا:
موجودی نامشخص: موجودی یا سفارشگذاری این کالا، پس از افزودن به سبد خرید و تایید آن، مشخص می شود.
اشتراک گذاری
size 186
Nominal width DN 54
Model series L
Operating pressure [bar] 0 to 50
Operating medium Compressed air to ISO8573-1:2010 [-:-:-]
CE certificate (see declaration of conformity) to EU pressure vessel directive
Corrosion resistant class KBK 2 - moderate corrosion stress
Bearing temperature [°C] -10 to 60
Medium temperature [°C] 5 to 60
ambient temperature [°C] 5 to 60
Product weight [g] 1.300
Material information RoHs compliant
Seals material NBR
Module connector material Aluminium wrought alloy
Screws material Stainless steel
Food compatibility See expanded material information
Weight 1.300 g / Pcs
Customs duty number 76169990
RoHS compliant Yes
Manufacturer Festo
Document Group data sheet: Pneumatic components for high-pressure applications (english)
Document Data sheet
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