SFAW-32-S13-E-PNLK-PNVBA-M12 (8036879) Flow sensor SFAW-32-S13-E-PNLK-PNVBA-M12 (8036879) Flow sensor

تصویر SFAW-32-S13-E-PNLK-PNVBA-M12 (8036879) Flow sensor
وضعیت کالا:
موجودی نامشخص: موجودی یا سفارشگذاری این کالا، پس از افزودن به سبد خرید و تایید آن، مشخص می شود.
اشتراک گذاری
Permission RCM mark
CE certificate (see declaration of conformity) acc. to EU-EMV Directive
Material information RoHs compliant
Measured parameter flow
Flow direction P1 -> P2
Measurement process temperature: PT1000
Flow measurement range starting value [l/min] 1,8
Flow measurement range end value [l/min] 32
Operating pressure [bar] 0 to 12
Information about operating pressure max. 12 bar at 40°C
Operating medium Fluid media
Information about operating and control medium Media compatibility to the media contacting materials must be guaranteed
Medium temperature [°C] 0 to 90
ambient temperature [°C] 0 to 50
Nominal temperature [°C] 23
Accuracy flow value ±2 %FS for flow <= 50 %FS
Accuracy temperature in ± °C [°C] 2
Repeatability flow value < ±0.5 %FS for flow <= 50 %FS
Temperature coefficient clamp in ± %FS/K type ±0,05%FS/K
Control output 2 x PNP or 2 x NPN switchable
Switch function Window comparator
Switching element function Opener/closer switchable
Max. output current [mA] 100
Analogue output 0 - 10 V
Flow characteristic curve starting value [l/min] 0
Flow characteristic curve end value [l/min] 32
Max. load resistance current output [Ohm] 500
Min. load resistance voltage output [Kilo-Ohm] 15
Short circuit resistance yes
Overload resistant Available
Report IO-Link
IO-Link, report Device V 1.1
IO-Link, profile Smart sensor profile
IO-Link, function classes Teach channel
IO-Link, communication mode COM2 (38.4 kBaud)
IO-Link, SIO mode support yes
IO-Link, port type A
IO-Link, process data width OUT 0 Bytes
IO-Link, process data width IN 3 Bytes
IO-Link, process data contents IN 1 bit BDC (Volume monitoring)
IO-Link, service data unit IN 32 bit PDV (volume measurement)
IO-Link, minimum cycle time 5 ms
IO-Link, data memory needed [Byte] 500
Operating voltage range DC [V] 18 to 30
Reverse polarity protection for all electrical connections
electrical connection: M12x1
Max. line length 30 m
installation position arbitrary
Fluid connection Hose screw connection 13 mm
Product weight [g] 300
Housing material PA reinforced
From medium contacting materials EPDM (perox.)
Presentable unit(s) US gal
Protection category IP65
Corrosion resistant class KBK 3 - severe corrosion stress
Weight 300 g / Pcs
Customs duty number 85369095
Manufacturer Festo
Document Group data sheet: SFAW (english)
Document Data sheet
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