SPC11-POT-LWG (192217) End pos.contr. SPC11-POT-LWG (192217) End pos.contr.

تصویر SPC11-POT-LWG (192217) End pos.contr.
وضعیت کالا:
موجودی نامشخص: موجودی یا سفارشگذاری این کالا، پس از افزودن به سبد خرید و تایید آن، مشخص می شود.
اشتراک گذاری
Data backup Flash memory
Control signal Output error ready
Display 3 digits
Operating element 3 buttons
Output fuses Electronic
Quantity digital outputs 5
Quantity digital inputs 8
Design outputs No galvanic separation
Design inputs No galvanic separation
Debounce time inputs [ms] 20
Max. power input with proportional valve [A] 1,1
Max. power input without proportional valve [mA] 70
Nominal operating voltage DC [V] 24
Power consumption input [mA] 4
Current carrying capacity per output [mA] 100
Permitted voltage oscillations ± 25 %
CE certificate (see declaration of conformity) to EU EMC directive
Continuous impact strength DIN&EC 68 parts 2-82 Tested to severity class 2
Relative humidity 0 - 95 %
Protection category IP65
Oscillation strength to DIN/IEC 68 part 2-6 Tested to severity class 1
ambient temperature [°C] 0 to 50
Permission RCM mark
Product weight [g] 400
Electrical connection type SUB-D
Electrical connection: proportional valve 7 pin
Electrical connection: path measurement system 4 pin
Cable length [MTR] 0,3
Weight 400 g / Pcs
GTIN 4052568150860
Customs duty number 85371091
RoHS compliant Yes
Manufacturer Festo
Document Group data sheet: SPC11 (english)
Document Data sheet
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